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Commissions Closed

Wed Oct 17, 2012, 10:51 PM

Rosuuri by PuffyPrincess
Commission by PuffyPrincess

Termsofservice by PuffyPrincess
Please read my terms of service prior to commissioning me
Terms Of Service

CommissionForm by PuffyPrincess
Commission Type:
♥Extras (Items Details etc):
♥Payment Type (Paypal/Points):
Paypal Email:

I accept your terms of service and I verify that the commission I am purchasing is 100% voluntary

OtherDetails by PuffyPrincess
Paypal by Th3EmOo

Please copy and paste EVERYTHING in the commission form, even the verification at the end.
For more than one character, please fill out another form in the same note.
If you are using a friends paypal, or a parents paypal, please add that information.
If it's a point commission, the last line is not necessary.

Commissionitems by PuffyPrincess
These are the things you can commission from me!
Click on any of the options to be redirected to the information

Skin by *firstfear
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October 17, 2012
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